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M Architects + Builders (m-ab) is a team of award-winning architects and builders in Sydney, specialising in design and build of architect designed homes in the suburbs located in Sydney hills and Sydney northern beaches regions. 


Our one-stop solutions cover all of our clients' needs, from design to construction, provided by our registered architects and licensed builders. We understand that building a new home is a big investment, which is why we take the time to get to know our clients and understand their specific requirements. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from concept to completion, ensuring that our clients are satisfied every step of the way.


In Sydney's Northern Beaches, our custom design homes seamlessly blend in with the natural surroundings, making the most of the region's beautiful beaches, lush green surroundings, and excellent lifestyle. Our custom design homes in Sydney's Northern Beaches are perfect for families who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to be close to it.


In Sydney's Hills region, our custom design homes make the most of the stunning views and natural light, blending in with the area's picturesque views, peaceful atmosphere, and excellent climate. Our custom design homes in Sydney's Hills are perfect for families who appreciate the tranquility of the area and want to be close to it.


At M Architects + Builders (m-ab) we take pride in creating truly unique and personalised homes that reflect the style and personality of our clients. Our experts are always happy to discuss your project and clarify your doubts. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment and start building your dream home in Sydney's Hills or Northern Beaches regions. 


M Architects + Builders (m-ab) brings the dream of an architect designed home to life for families and individuals in the Sydney Hills and Northern Beaches regions. Our belief is that good architecture should be accessible to everyone, not just the elite. M Architects + Builders (m-ab) designs and builds architect designed homes that meet 100% of clients' needs and fit within their budget.

In today's housing market, people in the Sydney Hills and Northern Beaches regions are faced with limited options. They can either work with an architect and receive an overpriced quote, or go to a house & land package builder with pre-made plans that offer little customization. Our team noticed how the terms "architect design" and "custom design" have been manipulated by the industry and want to change that.

The flaw in the project builder industry is not just the lack of uniqueness and custom spaces, but also their deceptive marketing practices. They often display high-end finishes but price them with low-end options, leaving customers with extra costs and disputes with builders.

Mike Movaffaghi, the founder of M Architects + Builders (m-ab), saw this gap in the market and took action. He became both an architect and a licensed builder to close this gap and provide families and individuals in the Sydney Hills and Northern Beaches regions with 100% custom architect design homes that are delivered within budget.

At M Architects + Builders (m-ab), we are dedicated to delivering value for our clients' money and creating homes that reflect their unique personalities and style. Contact us today to start building your dream home in the Sydney Hills or Northern Beaches regions.


Aesthetic Taste in Design

As a home owner, with no experience of building, I tried to be really careful with the selection of architecture/builder within our budget, I had prepared a long list of questions from design, material, to timeline, budget, insurance and met up with many companies of different sizes and expertise, Mike was the one who was patiently answering all the questions and sharing his experience. Our first project is currently tracking well on plan even under the extreme wet weather , material and trades were always on time, site has been very well maintained and communication has been very smooth. I also appreciate Mike’s aesthetic taste in design, his pursuit of simplicity and his passion about building customised houses. I would certainly recommend Mike and his team!


M Architects + Builders:

Licences & Registrations 

  • Registered Architects

  • Accredited Project Managers, PMP®

  • Licensed Builders


  • Public & Product Liability Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Home Warranty Insurance 

  • Builder Cover Insurance 

  • Workers Compensation Insurance 


Management Systems

  • Quality Management System, QMS

  • Work Health Safety Management System, WHS

  • Environmental Management System, EMS

We are prequalified

M Architects + Builders  (m-ab) is prequalified to work with the NSW Government and a range of local government councils and shires.

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